Writing Emotions

I think that the power of writing comes from communicating the truth of something. Even fantasy novels or fictional short stories are only powerful insofar as they communicate, critique, parody, or even just contradict a truth. Beauty, Truth, and Goodness are the three pillars from which art, literature, and music can make an impact. For those artists and writers who just want to communicate something in themselves, you are communicating the truth, beauty, and goodness (or lack thereof) within yourself. I don’t know. I just think we all want these three things and art is an attempt to communicate them through whatever medium we use. I think there is something real captured in good art and that realness is beauty-truth-goodness. So if you are reading my stories or poems or random posts, I hope you see beauty-truth-goodness. I hope that deep calls out to deep. I humbly take up the words God used to create the universe and attempt to create something. Yeah, thoughts can be random. There is too much in my mind to get on paper. But hopefully I will create some sort of relatable microcosm of reality.

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