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New Beginnings

Beginning this week, the first week of Lent, I am starting a new weekly blog post. This one I intend to keep up throughout the year. I outlined about thirty posts recently and I am excited to keep this up. First category I will work on will be called “Mere Theology.” I can just hear the excitement over this riveting topic… (Sarcasm font). But seriously, there is nothing more important in the entire frame of human thought. Every worldview has to answer the question: “who is God?” Even the atheist have to answer this question, mainly, if there is no God, then man or ideas or science must take his place as the highest ideal.

         In this series, I hope to make theology relevant to your daily lives. I hope to break down the barrier between ideas about God and our embodied existence. Theology should shape our actions, inspire our affections and answer our questions. Too often theology is seen as a dusty and irrelevant practice in meaningless conversation. I hope to bring the ideas forward that men and women have been willing to die for. You may be uninterested since the last time someone talked about God, they made you feel shamed or guilty. Or maybe you think you know all that you need to know about theology. Or maybe this just seems like a pointless engagement in fantastical theories of the same importance as differentiating the characteristics of a floating spaghetti monster in space. But, I encourage you to give these posts a try. Like my page on Facebook or Instagram or subscribe to my blog here on WordPress.

I hope, finally, that these posts encourage you to fall in Love with the Person who created you, knows you deeply and loves you beyond comprehension.