In Power
Dead walking
Dry bones crying out
Nations bowing
Light dawning
Oceans roaring
Mountains crumbling
Life exploding
Blinding, and giving, sight
Unfettering captives
Freedom trumpeting
Fleeing sorrows
Jericho’s walls
Hell’s gates
Blown to bits by the Song

In Truth
Lived, touched, indwelt
Communicated at the KeyThat sets free
Written in trembling fear
Or joy or excitement or revelation
Truth reveived
Like arriving at a place you always knew but never visited
Like seed poking through soil with first tender shoots
Like a glimpse of something at the edge of perception
Gone upon further inspection
Transforming nevertheless
Gentle truth
That double-edged sword
That pierces and cuts and liberates and expands

In Beauty
Seen, heard, recalled, discovered, realized
The back door
Reality peeking into our grey worldBreathless
Felt, as deep calls to deep
Tears find their place
Paradigms shift
Lenses replaced
Clarity, awe, peace, challenge
The rose most appreciated among thorns
or in dirty hands

In Love
Sacrificial, Embodied
Health to bones
Life to flesh
Death to Self
All life finds expression
Power, Truth, Beauty…
Given substance and purpose
Mouths fed
Sick healed
Orphans adopted
Hearts restored
Longings fulfilled
Transformation, Birth, Marriage
Whoever says people cannot change
has not Encountered Love
Creation, dancing, laughterWild, gentle, messy perfection
Once upon a time and happily ever after
All in one

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