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Hey! So this is an exciting new chapter in my blog. I have had a vision to tackle a series of ideas I will term “Kingdom Principles.” By no means did I coin the term and every single idea on this blog will have been taught to me at some point or another in my life. However, I hope to share not only as I have been taught, but also as God has shown me through Scripture and in my life how each Principle is True and Good. 

What is a Kingdom Principle? Thought you’d never ask. A Kingdom Principle is a piece of truth from Scripture that causes us to disregard wordly wisdom or experience and take on the paradigm of heaven. N.T. Wright writes in his book After Christianity: Why Christian Character Matters about the Christian concept of virtue and how it is like learning the language of heaven. Jesus talked about the Kingdom more than any other concept in all of Scripture and taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. These principles are fundamental in training our minds, hearts, and wills to speak the heavenly language. We long to bring heaven to earth and through Scripture we learn the keys to living the Kingdom now. 

The greatest part about Kingdom Principles (and the idea that changed my life) is that these principles are for our benefit. Ok let me rephrase: reality works a certain way and if you act on one perspective you will get hit by a bus but if you have the true perspective you will have joy and life and freedom. Ok one more time: the Law, the infamous Law, was never meant to condemn (although it did), every principle or command or rule God has ever given us has been for two purposes, His glory and our joy. It’s all about Him. It’s all about us. (notice I didn’t say all about you… but that’s for another time) The concepts I want to communicate in this blog are my attempt to join Him in His purposes and humbly–totally acknowledging my lack of learning, experience, and wisdom–write about my understanding of His truth, for His glory and our joy. So please do enjoy thinking and reading as I so enjoy writing these posts and let me know what you think!

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