Hello WordPress

I am moving to WordPress. It seems to be more writing focused than Tumblr and since I have only ever posted two pictures on Tumblr…. I feel as though this is a better forum for my blog. If you want to see any of my creative writing and other posts on Tumblr I have provided the link to that blog: glastonburyeagle.tumblr.com (check it out!). Now for the sake of having a first post on WordPress worth reading, here is my last creative writing post from my Tumblr:


Amber gold illuminates the skinny thrust of trees in the dying fire of the day. Each unique bough tells the story of a lifetime as the wood sways gently in the unseen wind. Some touch each other by choice, others need the support or sunlight, still others enjoy the company of brothers and relish the calm comfort of caressing leaves. At this time the day is done but the night has yet to fall and the trees can just breathe. Regardless of the journeys before and after, the present time between times draws them into a collective breath as the shadow drifts slowly up their trunks leaving only the tallest branches in the glow. But darkness is still far off and all is well, all is serenity, and the trees stand tall.

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