One by one they march idly by

Some bring life, some bring destruction

Up, down, all around

Purposeless, random

Perception changes conception

Flowing words fall palely on the face framed by tears

A hand reaches down

The futility ebbs in the dawning comprehension

All that once was is not lost

These mindless days are not atoms colliding

But brush strokes

And the greatest story ever told

Comes into focus as the ever distracting

Spirals of lesser naratives

Finally take a backseat to the ever present eternity

Half-heard in the rain drop on a still pond

But inconceivable in the noise of the waterfall

So we step forward and the patterns emerge where

Barren wilderness reigned

The stillness contains more


Than a million words previously

The condition is narrowing, focusing

Expanding, overthrowing, replenishing

The Great Conditioner

Continues the captivation

Where freedom becomes existent

And then memories sliding oily through our fingers

Begin to fit

So we step forward,

Glimpsing Shimmering Meaning

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